Monday, 10 December 2012

Disappointing Results

Just had a cooking failure.  I've generally liked the cookbook, The Best of the Best put out by the Best of Bridge women.  As a bridge player, I've often used their recipes.  I recognize that the recipes are rather old-fashioned and depend on store-bought cans and jars for completion, rather than cooking from "real" ingredients.  However, when it comes to baking and specialties it's pretty darn good.  Last year I tried out some new Christmas recipes and was very satisfied.  This year, I tried the Jewish Shortbread which I don't like as well as my old recipe for "sandies", although it's pretty good - very similar.  I prefer pecans to walnuts, I guess.  The ginger snap recipe was no better than any other one I've tried.  Today, however, I tried the Chocolate Rum Cookies and it was a total failure.  I used a lot of bitter chocolate and 1/4 cup of rum for expensive ingredients.  The stuff was crumbly and wouldn't hold together.  Chilling didn't help matters and neither did baking.  This is something we'll eat with a spoon.  I've saved all the crumbs and put them in the freezer to throw over ice cream!  I'm pleased that I used the Baker's chocolate I purchased in the US which is half the price we pay in Canada.  Maybe that's the reason for the failure.  Anyway, not getting too far with baking special things this year - generally it's been disappointing results.

First Ski

Yesterday I travelled up to Retallack to try some cross-country skiing.  The snow is in excellent condition!  The new bridge over the creek at the summit is a welcome addition.  Before, we used to have to travel out to the highway and walk over the highway bridge, often removing the skis for the 20 m trek to the other side and good snow once again.  Now we have a bridge put in by industrious trail workers.  Thank you to them.  It's a winter wonderland at the summit of the pass between Kaslo and New Denver.  Kaslo, today, is becoming part of that wonderland.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

December Garden

 This picture is for my friend Marilyn in Regina.  As I headed out this wet and soggy afternoon in early December, I noticed that one snapdragon had a new bloom; this is the last remanant of my remaining garden pot down by the driveway.  It is in a particularly protected area underneath a big cedar tree.  The other plant I have noticed is one of my sweet peas - it is still growing strong and has one bloom on it but probably doesn't get enough sunlight to think about opening itself to the world.  Other things I love about the December garden are the rosehips and snowberry - a beautiful combination to my mind.  Happy Winter as we move toward Solstice. 
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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Rossland A & M

We've now completed 4 Fridays looking after Atley and Miro.  What a delightful way to spend a day!!  It's been very helpful to have Dave with me as the boys are crazy about him (especially Atley) and he is very good at amusing them if the grilled cheese sandwiches are taking longer than planned.  Andrea leaves for work at 8 a.m. and we usually have them back in bed by 9 a.m.  Depending on the conditions of health, sleeping time, etc. we have the choice of attending story time at the library or going for a walk.  I like to opt for the walk on pleasant days, but our single time attendance at story time was very successful.  We are back at home for lunch and then it's play time for an hour or two.  The boys seem happiest at this time of day - they play very happily on their own or with our participation and have a few minutes of bouncing time on Mum and Dad's bed.  By mid-afternoon it's time for another nap.  This could change very soon, I think.  Owly time seems to be after waking up in the p.m. and so far, grapes have worked very well at improving everyone's humour.  Dad is home by 4:30 and there are two very happy boys waiting for him.  As soon as Mum arrives home, the boys immediately start signing for milk.  This, so far, is a typical day in Rossland with Atley and Miro and their grandparents.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Remembrance Day

I attended a Remembrance Day ceremony for the first time in many years, although it's not a foreign occasion to me because I organized so many assemblies on the subject in Saskatoon.  Yesterday, we had good weather for the event although probably the smartest thing I did was make sure that I wore long underwear because I knew we'd be standing near our breezy lake.  The laying of the wreaths took longer than I anticipated.  The views to the Purcells were spectacular.  We then marched back to the Legion Hall and that's the first time I've been in the building for a "formal" presentation.  The choir that I attend sang a couple of numbers; I think we were passable, but have sung the selections better in rehearsal.  It was a bit reassuring to see so many young people in attendance because I often wonder what the future of this day holds with my parents' generation, who participated in WWII, now in their 80's and 90's.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

First Frost

Out this a.m. with the first actual killing frost in our domain.  I'd decided to empty the last of the deck pots yesterday because the weather was suitable for the activity and I knew frost would be coming soon.  It sure looks empty out there.  A couple of colourful stellar's jays are enjoying time at the feeder so that does help to fill a void.  One great thing about late fall is that yesterday I planted some sweet peas, :)  hoping they will be ready to grow in very early spring - last year several had self-seeded in the garden so what will happen when I do this with intent??  Thrilling to be gardening on November 7th!  Felt pretty cold at the beginning of today's run.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Hard to believe that a week of November is pretty much over and since it's a month that I don't particularly like, that's a good thing.  We had perfect weather on Monday, however - sun, no wind and a high of 15 degrees.  I also got a tip on the location of some wonderfully semi-composted leaves so we moved many to our bins.  The time change is what really hurts November; we're dark here by 4:45!

October 31st was a miserable day weather-wise as I recall and Callie had to miss her first Hallowe'en because Sandy has completely taken over events in their part of the world.  It was a good thing we skyped with her a few hours prior to Sandy's arrival because they haven't had power since and it is going on to day 9 now!  No monsters, witches or dragons graced our doorstep (a typical Hallowe'en in our neighbourhood) and I thought to myself the next morning that I sort of miss it.  As it a former teacher, it surprises me to be saying that because I'd had too much Hallowe'en by half partway through my career in the classroom.

Completely relieved and delighted that Obama was re-elected!  I watched many more hours than planned.

Things might be in enough of a schedule for us to make our weekly commitments to Miro and Atley.  Loved our day with them last Friday and their Grandpa so much enjoyed giving them their first doses of penicillin.

Totally agree with all who think it is too early for Christmas music.  Nothing before December, please.

Had the best bridge hands I've EVER had yesterday; didn't play them as well as necessary, but a fun day at the tables.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Common Sense

Bringing Up Bebe: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French ParentingI just finished reading this book by Pamela Druckerman and really enjoyed it.  Originally, I'd heard her interviewed about a year ago on "The Current", but being busy as chief assistant to a mother of twins, I didn't really have time to read it.  (Druckerman is a mother of twin boys and a daughter).  The author writes in an amusing style and I smiled on nearly every page.  To me, French parenting simply seems to make sense:  a baby does not need attention ALL the time, and making the infant have "wait time" prior to getting attention can be a healthy attitude.  French children learn to appreciate the goodness of food.  Parents guide their children and the French are less likely to be helicopter parents.  It appears that a French child may have more opportunity to "discover" the world on his/her own, without assistance from a parent about the "value" of the experience.    Anyone who has babies in their lives would enjoy this book.

Sunday, 21 October 2012


 Well, I managed to make my 42 trips to town before the snow flew so saved myself and the earth one whole tank of gas!  I think I intended to bike to town more than I did, but found the idea of biking BEFORE my run with the group was just too much to bear.  Unfortunately, I drove into town for a lot of those runs.  There's a good thing about running with a group - it's highly motivational and being coached has been SO good for me.  The down side is that I drive into town and no one from my neighbourhood is a runner.  The up side of the summer rides is that I did manage to ride to quite a few places during "the season" and I have really enjoyed the bike.  Had snow on the roof this a.m. and the forecast is lousy - but hopefully, I've got a few more rides yet before I go back to hikes into town.
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Monday, 8 October 2012

Paulson-Castlegar Bike Trip

On Saturday, Dave and I finally accomplished one of our trip goals for 2012 and biked from Paulson Summit over to Castlegar.  The weather was perfect, although cool, and we spent a good deal of time in the shade.  It took us about an hour to reach the summit on the old rails to trails and from then on it was completely downhill.  The "long" tunnel was exciting - we needed headlamps and still had to walk it.  It's about 1 km long and it's wet and DARK!  After turning the corner and descending above Arrow Lake, we had 2 more short tunnels and 3 trestle bridges to cross.  It's an interesting bike ride (passing the bomb site that killed Peter Veregin of the Doukhobors) and very easy.  The trip is 60 km long and took us about 5 hours.  My only complaint would be the traffic!  We were surprised to see a few cars travelling the old rail grade and met up with several ATVs.  I'd like to think that our rails-to-trails are completely free of mechanized travel.  

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

It's Autumn!

 We hiked up to Monica Meadows on Sept. 23 and it was a perfect time for fall colour.  The bad thing was all the smoke in the air which made the mountains and glaciers not very photogenic.  It was a beautiful day in early autumn and the trail was being heavily used.  Considering that the road was closed until the week before, I guess it's not surprising that everyone wanted to get in one more hike before the snow flies in the high country.  This past weekend we did Sufferfest and grandparenting and this weekend we hope to get out on the bikes before we really have to get serious about the beginning of winter. 
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Friday, 28 September 2012

Long Shadows

 It's been way too nice out to sit around writing blogs, but I did rather like this picture that I took in Grasslands NP early in the day in mid-September.  It was so good to see those huge skies.  The pronghorn, bison, prairie dogs, and mule deer were plentiful.  Alas, for me, I think I need a little more colour in the landscape to truly love this place so I would like to revisit when the spring flowers are blooming.  The shapes and sky do make the place; I still love our prairie. 
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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Conquering Carlyle Col

Yesterday I finally managed to get up to Carlyle Col, an objective I've had for quite awhile.  We can see Mt. Carlyle every time we come up the hill from Kaslo towards home.  I knew this was a peak that I probably wouldn't climb because it has lots of big blocky rocks at the top and I'm not very sure-footed.  We took the Subarau through the old mining towns of Sandon and Cody and managed to drive another 4 km up the road.  We then hiked for a good hour up the Carpenter Creek FS Road.  From there, the trail enters the woods and it's a lovely subalpine stroll and not too steep.  The rocky bit arrives and it's a trail over an old mining road and is very easy.  The view at the top is tremendous and would be even better from the summit.  The alpine flowers were still pretty good considering it was the last day of August.  A very worthwhile hike and thanks to Dave for getting me up there.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Beginning Bikers

Atley and Miro are having their first bike trips these days - here they are in Rossland in front of home.  They love the bike trailer, just as they loved the ski trailer.  All the adults love the Chariot.  It's very versatile and has given us all so much pleasure.  Nice to know that it's a Canadian product.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Summitting Old Glory

 Yesterday, Dave and I were in Rossland and it was a cool day.  A decision was made to NOT take Andrea and the boys with us on a hike - weather was too unpredictable and those boys are HEAVY!  We headed up Plewman Trail, a mere 10 km west of Rossland, and were on the summit of Old Glory before lunch.  We had a few spits of rain and then snow for the final stroll to the top.  Views are good, but clearcuts abound and yesterday was a poor day for good photos with all the grey cloud.  It was wonderfully cool on the entire hike and I think it has to be one of the easiest summits I've ever reached.  The old fire tower at the top is still open so you can escape the constant wind.  Huckleberries were big and ripe on Plewman Trail; not so plentiful on the descent down Old Glory Trail.  The ridge walk is lovely!
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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The Laundry

 I liked this clothesline that the custodian at Kokanee made out of an old map holder - guess there won't be much use for those things in the digital world.  It does make a great place to dry socks, etc.  I love a clothesline and it doesn't have to be an actual "clothes line".  I hope the readership is hanging out laundry and enjoying watching it sway in a summer breeze. 
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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Heading to Idaho Peak

 Hiking season has mostly been a washout (literally) this summer, but yesterday 3 of us headed for Idaho Peak, shown to the right.  The flowers are at their peak and the road is in great shape.  It's great to have a good road because Dave has the truck torn apart and we had to take the Subaru up the road and the clearance is very low - it worked like a charm.  Views were extensive and I was happy to see that I could identify plenty of peaks while at the top, as well as plenty of mountain flowers.  I'm learning a few things (and remembering them) in my older age!
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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Rethinking Hemerocallis

 I can't quite believe that this is happening to me but I'm actually getting to the point where I no longer want to deadhead my daylilies!!  I have so many blooms this year and I can't keep ahead of it all.  I was busy picking off buds affected with the gall midge and now I have so many dead blooms.  The only way to really keep these garden plants looking super is to deadhead them daily.  I'm no longer willing to do that.  It takes me at least 45 minutes to get it done and there's too many other things to do.  With a few of the large-flowered types it really is essential, and I try to get those done, but in my garden there are many flower buds withering in the sun and summer breezes.  I'm actually looking forward to the season ending.  The daylilies are great in covering wide expanses of the border but it's time to rethink how I am going to redo the garden - the time has come to redesign the borders!
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Monday, 6 August 2012

When Summer Came to Canada

 On Friday, as Dave and I drove back to Kaslo from Rossland it seemed as if summer was finally in full swing out here in the Southern Interior.  There were boats on the lake, people water skiing, a full regatta of sails out here on Kootenay Lake (unusual for here) and bikes on the roads.  We aren't jazz fans so decided to skip over to the Slocan Valley for a paddle and a night at Wee Sandy Beach.  Even it was "busy", if you can say 4 tents is busy.  Had a lovely evening paddle and a good return trip - we beat the crowds lining up with their big motors to take off for the day from the public dock in New Denver.    We finished up our "holiday" by picking a few containers of huckleberries on the Rossiter Creek FS Road.  Yup, I think summer is here.
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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Back to Yoga

It felt so good to go to yoga today.  Thanks to Katelyn for being such a fine teacher!   I have been neglecting yoga for the past several months and I've been concentrating on running and cardio stuff for the past 4 months.  When the Olympics started, I found myself watching TV and doing some stretching - my body really needs it!  It's even more important now that I'm becoming a runner; yoga offers so much to the body!

Sunday, 29 July 2012

A Few Days at Kokanee Cabin

 Dave was in charge of finding volunteers for "hut painting" at the Kokanee Cabin this past week and I went as part of the crew as chef and sous chef.  It was fun.  A couple of volunteers didn't show up so we had TONS of food and I ate too much.  I continue to feel guilty about buying too much food.  My friend Anne came in to help with cooking and her husband helped with painting.  Our "paid" painter was a young guy from Nelson and is our new poster child for doing hard work.  He had absolutely no fear of heights.  Anne and I did manage to paint some railings and a few benches and chairs, but most of the time we either worked in the kitchen or went out on hikes.  It was a lovely few days and I even managed to find 3 other bridge players with one group of alpine hut clients so got in a few hands!  Hike out on Friday was spectacular. So was the helicopter flight in!
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Friday, 20 July 2012

State of the Garden

 The garden is now growing well, although we've got a few problems with daylily gall midge - it distorts the blooms and the flower is less appealing.  I've been busy taking all the buds off that seem to be affected but it does come back year after year.  The daylilies are now putting on a great show and I'd say we're over the worst of the gall midge for this year.

It's weird to be picking strawberries, raspberries and blueberries at the same time, but I guess those strawberries had to wait for the warmth to arrive and this year that didn't happen until July 4th.  Happy Gardening Season, all!
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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Matrix

 Got myself a "new" car today and feel that it was meant to be.  I saw an ad in the paper about 2 weeks ago when the RDCK (Regional District of Central Kootenay) was selling off a couple of vehicles by silent auction.  We happened to be in Nelson last week and I took it for a test drive.  I also learned that there hadn't been much interest in the car.  I sent in a minimum bid and I was the only bidder!  Today, I picked up the car.  We'll have to see how it works out with gas mileage and being an automatic, but I like the ride!  And yes, I do plan to continue to use my bike a good deal of the time in the summer months but I haven't managed to save a tank of gas yet from that method of travel.  But I sure like the bike!
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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Out Bikin'

Posted by PicasaThere's still too much snow for high hiking so we spent a part of yesterday morning out on the bikes.  Our original intention had been to canoe over on Slocan Lake but the forecast was for thunderstorms with high winds.  Slocan Lake is one of the most dangerous lakes around here under the wrong conditions.  Instead, we took the camper and the bikes and headed over the Little Slocan Creek Forest Service Road and camped at Little Slocan Lake for a night.  The next day we biked from Passmore to Winlaw along the Slocan River - very nice with high water levels, of course! The trail is well-maintained and called the Spirit of 2010.  It's about a 48 km trail from Slocan City to highway 6 and I'd like to ride it all one of these days.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

July 1st Run

Just completed Kaslo's Canada Day Run and managed to do the 10 km.  My time was better than Spokane, but had an easier trail and one that I know because we run it pretty regularly.  Time today was 65:51 and I felt pretty good on it except for about 2 km.  Had a session with our coach yesterday and I just might be starting to figure out this posture thing.  It feels so much better if I actually stand up.  I thought I was arching my back; I hear that I'm standing up straight!  We'll see how that goes.  Happy Canada Day, everyone!

Saturday, 30 June 2012

State of the Garden

 The Siberian Irises have done fine this year and this one is a favourite.  I can't remember its name - I used to know all of my plants but have lost the tags over time.  This one did survive its transplant from Saskatoon to Kaslo.  It's been a tough year in the garden with all the rain and the bearded irises are suffering from fungal diseases.  If we ever get to have a fire outside (impossible in all this wet), I do intend to burn some of that damaged foliage.  The pots are rarely fertilized - I simply don't want to give them even more water.   Consequently, they are not really blooming all that well.  Hot crops are simply sitting around doing NOTHING and the peas, spinach, lettuce and green onions are relatively happy.  It's drenching down as I write this.  Happy Summer, everyone!
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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Raindrops Keep Fallin'

 I was surprised to see how long these raindrops remained on the waterlily this p.m.  We've been getting very regular rain (hourly) for the past couple of days, but this p.m. the sun came out and I took this picture at about 5:30 p.m.  We hadn't had rain since noon so these drops are at least 6 hours old.   One thing about the cool and misty weather - the flowers keep blooming for a really long time.  I wonder how many more weeks I have to wait for the sweet peas to start blooming?
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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

45 Trips

 I'm enjoying the new bike and have a set of well-needed fenders on it now.  Since summer simply will NOT arrive, I ride anyway and get spat on by the skies.  No drenching rains that I've experienced yet.  I spoke to someone yesterday who seemed puzzled about the fact that I wouldn't drive into town 3 times when I needed to come in thrice yesterday.  I said that I was trying to be "green" some of the time and I don't think she got it.  However, I realize that it is going to take me 45 trips to town to save one tank of gas.  I'm beginning to wonder if it is worthwhile?  Anyone care to comment?
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Monday, 18 June 2012

Our Callie

 I was lucky enough to find this little plant while visiting Sidney in May.  I had to buy it when I noticed that it was named after our granddaughter!  It's done surprisingly well during this cool and wet spring - probably the best of the potted plants I have on the deck.  The basil has pretty much shivered itself to death this week.  I wonder if some of the plants will flower - they haven't even sent out a bud yet.  Where, oh where, is summer?

Tuesday, 12 June 2012


We visited northern WA this past weekend and had difficulty both entering and leaving the U.S.  This is the first time we've had an experience like this.  Of course it was very easy to re-enter Canada, especially now that we can spend a fortune in another country with only a 24 hour visit.  We had to have our camper van x-rayed to leave the U.S. and wondered why there seemed to be a Red Alert out in a small border community south of Christina Lake, B.C.  Anyone know anything we don't know?

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Ride A Bike Week

 I broke down and bought a new bike yesterday even though I did have to pay HST on it - the "old" government had actually taken the PST off new bikes.  It's a GT Avalanche 2.0 and has front suspension and seems a pretty comfortable ride for a beginning moutain biker like me.  I plan to get all my accessories off the other bike put onto this one - it's got to be useful for getting in to town for groceries and library books.  I was also looking for a bike that would shift more smoothly, be lighter, and generally just work better.  Had it out for a couple of rides again yesterday and it was a nice change.  Today I learned it's Ride A Bike to work week so will have to ride in to work at the hospital grounds tomorrow.
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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Base and the Pyramid

We're not in the habit of posting pictures of our grandchildren over the internet so I'll just have to tell readers that Andrea and I decided on Monday that Miro, our gymnast, is going to be the top of the pyramid while Atley will definitely be the base.  He has a stocky build and the other day, in his diaper, lifting a bag of seasame seeds, he reminded me very much of someone training for Sumo wrestling.  Miro,  the wiry guy, can move his body in amazing ways.    I hope they will support each other throughout life as base, middle and top of the pyramid!

Friday, 18 May 2012

Steve's Wonders

Just finished the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson and I'd highly recommend it as a good read.  I haven't had much experience with Apple Computers except when the schools all purchased Apple II's back in the 1980's and I had to learn a few things about them!  My next experience was in the Isle of Man when I was given a laptop computer to use and it was made by Apple.  I found it a bit frustrating, but I knew that I'd never want to live without a laptop again (and I haven't).  It surprised me to realize how recently so much of Apple technology has taken over the world.  I still use a Windows computer, but I have to say that I absolutely love my ipod and I'm grateful that Jobs gave up enough control of that device to allow it to be sold to the entire world.  And yeah, the Shuffle feature is my favourite part of the whole thing.  Jobs was an amazing talent - I'd have hated to know him, I'm sure, but I like lots of things that he designed.  Thanks, Steve, for some of those brilliant devices you helped to develop and thanks to Walter Isaacson for a compelling read.

Monday, 14 May 2012

First Mother's Day as Grandma!

There seemed to be so many CBC programs about mothering this year as the Sunday of Mother's Day approached.  Since I've become reacquainted with motherhood by becoming a grandmother, I do reflect on some of the changes that have occurred in the past 30 years.  To my mind, babies have to be much more comfortable than back in the 70's and 80's.  The diapers absorb so much more liquid, the clothes are much warmer and the strollers, bedding, and chairs are all built for comfort!  I don't know why no one thought about those basic facts before.  But then the '80's were so much into "stuff", I guess it's not surprising that consumerism for babies won out.  So the comfort thing is a bit of a mixed blessing.  Enjoyed a 5 km run with my daughter and the boys - Andrea took the chariot and still managed to place second her age category.  I was the only entry in age 60 plus (women) so got another first place!  We had a lovely dinner out while Dad and Grampa looked after the boys.  Happy Mother's Day, Mums in my world!

Thursday, 10 May 2012


  It doesn't show up too well in this photo, but the base of our new greenhouse is being protected by a variety of plastic bags!  This will, hopefully, keep the wood from rotting over the summer season. Too bad I don't have any more Manx Shop-Rite bags - that would win me an award for sure!

This is our first greenhouse, created by Dave.  We're going to try it out on a smallish size and see how well it works in our limited "good sun".  We went crazy and I seeded some more lettuce in a tray and Dave planted dozens of seeds to come up in pots.  It's gardening time and we're glad that it's finally here!

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Liberty Auto

Readers will realize that we spent a few days in Page, AZ.  One place we did get to know was Liberty Auto, which we spied on our arrival and it was recommended to us by a guy Dave talked to on the street.  It sort of surprised me that we had to wait over 24 hours for a "new" (rebuilt) transmission to arrive from Phoenix (this is the USA after all) but the problem was quickly diagnosed and we were able to use our vehicle.  We would crawl from Page out to Wawheep to camp and didn't have to travel on major roads except to cross Glen Canyon Dam where the speed limit was 25 mph.  We could drive that fast and use reverse.  On Wednesday, the part arrived and our vehicle was out of use.  Unfortunately, part of the "new" transmission didn't work and they had told us we'd be on our way on Wed. p.m.  That didn't happen.  I can't think of many garages that would put you up in a motel for the night, but Liberty Auto did that.  It wasn't the greatest motel (right next door to the garage), but it was handy and we did have a chance to have a shower and watch TV (ugh!).  They'd come up with a plan for the van and said they'd try to have us moving by noon on Thursday and that deadline was met.  I have to say Thanks, Liberty Auto - you served us well.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Page Public Library

 We spent quite a bit of time using the internet and reading while we had time in Page.  This is the library and it's a gorgeous building and location.  It has a grand view of some of the Vermilion Cliffs and is situated close to a "ring trail" around the town of Page.  We walked (and I even ran) about half of this trail.  The library was a busy place - sometimes it was difficult to find a place to plug in for a long session on the computer.  And people are trying to say that libraries are becoming obsolete?!
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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Lake Powell

 I've always had a difficult time even thinking of Lake Powell, but after spending nearly a week in Page, AZ, I got used to it and enjoyed looking at the remaining visible rock formations.  This is "Castle Rock" near Wahweep.  We stayed out at Wahweep campground, about 5 km from Page, for 3 nights and I loved watching the light on the lake and the rock.  It's an okay place to visit in March when it's not busy.  It's impossible to take a picture without all the houseboats in the photo, but I only ever saw ONE active boat on the water during our 4 days there.  I guess I'd have to say I'm somewhat resigned to Lake Powell, partly through the help of one Gary Ladd who wrote a book called Lake Powell Unchained  that I discovered in the Page Library.  As he states, there would have been infrastructure built without the dam, although it's obvious the dam changed the environment more than a few roads and trails.  It does have a kind of beauty but that "bathtub ring" is always visible.  The things humans have done to the Colorado!
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Monday, 23 April 2012

Glen Canyon

 We got to see more of Page, AZ and the Glen Canyon than we had planned during our March/April visit.  We had to limp into Page from Lee's Ferry because of transmission problems and spent the better part of a week in the area.  Our first visit was to the Glen Canyon Dam (top of it is visible in this photo) and we walked over the bridge which does give one a good view of a bit of the canyon.  Because of all the time we had, we did decide to do the smooth river raft down the Colorado from Page to Lee's Ferry.  It takes about 5 hours and it was  a fairly good river trip, although I was definitely ready for a little more action by the time is was over.  Our guide didn't have a really good understanding of the natural history in the area (her first official trip), but the sun was shining, the views impressive and we did manage to see a couple of golden eagles.
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Thursday, 19 April 2012

The Sunsets

 One disappointing thing about my US travels is that no really good sunsets appeared.  We had one at Grand Canyon, but I had way too many high wires in the way to take a picture and one thing about the bottom of the canyon - the sunset is pretty much invisible.  Most of the time the skies were clear in the Southwest with no interesting clouds to produce any colour.  This was the best one I saw when I had a camera with me - taken at the Lava Beds in Idaho, the rest area on the I-15.  It's about the only "non commercial" rest area left on the I-15 in ID and UT is heading the same way.  MT still provides a few - when they can get the snow out of them.   The sun seems to be setting on rest areas provided by state governments. 
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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Highline in NYC

 Scott and I headed into NYC on March 14th for a Broadway play and had enough time to visit the Highline for about a 20 minute walk.  This picture gives a bit of an idea what it looks like.  It's a park elevated about 20 m above street level with some lovely plantings and seating areas.  I think the actual park runs for over 10 km through Manhattan and it isn't wider than 15 m that I know.  You can see it was a perfect weather day.  We then headed over to the main branch of NYC Public Library and then onto the Gershwin Theatre for Wicked.  Taking the train from Bernardsville to Penn Station was fun, too, although being wished a "safe day" by the electronic voiceovers didn't make me feel totally comfortable. NYC - gotta love it!
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