Monday, 14 October 2013

Thanksgiving, 2013: Flying Solo

Dave left for Nepal on the eve of Thanksgiving weekend so it has been a very different weekend for me!  I didn't cook a turkey, nor bake a pumpkin pie.  I did buy a pumpkin pie in Trail and have been enjoying it in bits over the entire weekend.  Not as good as homemade, however.  Had a great run with Jennifer on Saturday a.m. and then spent Saturday p.m. reading and snoozing in the armchair.  Headed off to the launch of Requiem for A Glacier at the Langham - will have to revisit it because it was CROWDED!  Sunday, I made squash soup for my Thanksgiving supper and it was divine.  Thanks to Gerry and Pete Burgess for that recipe so many years ago and thanks to the earth for growing those great squash!  I planted spring bulbs on Sunday p.m.  Today, I did more work in the garden, had a nice run around Mirror Lake and rode my bike into Kaslo to see my hospice client.  Even got to watch some of the movie, Secretariat, while holding her hand. Whenever  I visit, I'm always thankful for the good health of my parents, both mentally and physically.  I had a fine conversation with my Dad on Sunday.    I'm ever so thankful for the beauty of the land where I live.