Thursday, 12 December 2013

Mary Maxim Moves to New Millenium

 I know that there are lots of people still knitting Christmas socks out of old Mary Maxim patterns but I just got sent this picture from NJ and I'm very happy to see that these Christmas stockings still stand up!  We're now on the second generation and it appears that this is one old tradition that intends to last in our family.  I guess if something remains for two generations in this fast-changing world, well, I'd have to call it a tradition.  Happy Christmas, all!
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Sunday, 1 December 2013

December Gardening

Other than my year in Isle of Man, I can't recall doing any gardening in December.  Today, I dug the carrots. This event took place because I fear the colder weather arriving and we won't have snow cover.  We seem to be on the fringes of the snow area, although tonight's forecast says that it is coming.  We shall see if it arrives.  If it does, fine.  My carrots are cleaned and currently stored in the fridge.  Plan to make a carrot, cashew and curry soup later in the week.  Nice to have 9 gardening months here in the Kootenays.