Sunday, 18 November 2012

Rossland A & M

We've now completed 4 Fridays looking after Atley and Miro.  What a delightful way to spend a day!!  It's been very helpful to have Dave with me as the boys are crazy about him (especially Atley) and he is very good at amusing them if the grilled cheese sandwiches are taking longer than planned.  Andrea leaves for work at 8 a.m. and we usually have them back in bed by 9 a.m.  Depending on the conditions of health, sleeping time, etc. we have the choice of attending story time at the library or going for a walk.  I like to opt for the walk on pleasant days, but our single time attendance at story time was very successful.  We are back at home for lunch and then it's play time for an hour or two.  The boys seem happiest at this time of day - they play very happily on their own or with our participation and have a few minutes of bouncing time on Mum and Dad's bed.  By mid-afternoon it's time for another nap.  This could change very soon, I think.  Owly time seems to be after waking up in the p.m. and so far, grapes have worked very well at improving everyone's humour.  Dad is home by 4:30 and there are two very happy boys waiting for him.  As soon as Mum arrives home, the boys immediately start signing for milk.  This, so far, is a typical day in Rossland with Atley and Miro and their grandparents.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Remembrance Day

I attended a Remembrance Day ceremony for the first time in many years, although it's not a foreign occasion to me because I organized so many assemblies on the subject in Saskatoon.  Yesterday, we had good weather for the event although probably the smartest thing I did was make sure that I wore long underwear because I knew we'd be standing near our breezy lake.  The laying of the wreaths took longer than I anticipated.  The views to the Purcells were spectacular.  We then marched back to the Legion Hall and that's the first time I've been in the building for a "formal" presentation.  The choir that I attend sang a couple of numbers; I think we were passable, but have sung the selections better in rehearsal.  It was a bit reassuring to see so many young people in attendance because I often wonder what the future of this day holds with my parents' generation, who participated in WWII, now in their 80's and 90's.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

First Frost

Out this a.m. with the first actual killing frost in our domain.  I'd decided to empty the last of the deck pots yesterday because the weather was suitable for the activity and I knew frost would be coming soon.  It sure looks empty out there.  A couple of colourful stellar's jays are enjoying time at the feeder so that does help to fill a void.  One great thing about late fall is that yesterday I planted some sweet peas, :)  hoping they will be ready to grow in very early spring - last year several had self-seeded in the garden so what will happen when I do this with intent??  Thrilling to be gardening on November 7th!  Felt pretty cold at the beginning of today's run.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Hard to believe that a week of November is pretty much over and since it's a month that I don't particularly like, that's a good thing.  We had perfect weather on Monday, however - sun, no wind and a high of 15 degrees.  I also got a tip on the location of some wonderfully semi-composted leaves so we moved many to our bins.  The time change is what really hurts November; we're dark here by 4:45!

October 31st was a miserable day weather-wise as I recall and Callie had to miss her first Hallowe'en because Sandy has completely taken over events in their part of the world.  It was a good thing we skyped with her a few hours prior to Sandy's arrival because they haven't had power since and it is going on to day 9 now!  No monsters, witches or dragons graced our doorstep (a typical Hallowe'en in our neighbourhood) and I thought to myself the next morning that I sort of miss it.  As it a former teacher, it surprises me to be saying that because I'd had too much Hallowe'en by half partway through my career in the classroom.

Completely relieved and delighted that Obama was re-elected!  I watched many more hours than planned.

Things might be in enough of a schedule for us to make our weekly commitments to Miro and Atley.  Loved our day with them last Friday and their Grandpa so much enjoyed giving them their first doses of penicillin.

Totally agree with all who think it is too early for Christmas music.  Nothing before December, please.

Had the best bridge hands I've EVER had yesterday; didn't play them as well as necessary, but a fun day at the tables.