Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Remembrance Day, 2013

I'm always a little surprised at how many younger people will come out to honour Remembrance Day.  In Kaslo, there is about a 15 minute outdoor commemoration with the placing of a number of wreaths around the cenotaph.  Yesterday we had a beautiful sky day, with a very brisk wind off the lake, and fairly cool temperatures.  People stood respectfully and watched.  Following this, many people go into the Legion Hall for a more formal "service" with some music, an address, and the national anthem and a prayer or two.  I find it refreshing that young families will bring fairly young children to this event - not many, but there are a few.  I was also pleased to see the degree of respect shown by adolescents and youngsters who attended the outdoor ceremony.  In fact, I only heard one cell phone ring twice just before the Kuimba choir was about to sing.  There were actually considerably more people at the Remembrance Day service than showed up to support our protest over the cancellation of 24/7 ER care here in Kaslo.  Interesting.