Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Ten Days in NJ

Heading back west later today but we sure found some fine weather here on the east coast. It's very warm and the forsythia and magnolias, daffs and hyacinths are all putting on a fine display. Although it is pre-migration, the bird life has been interesting and it's always wonderful to see those spring bulbs. Tomorrow and the next day are predicted to be record setting highs in NJ - they are looking at 28 for Friday!! Glad I'm out of here. I have really noticed the humidity. The running has gone okay and I'm managing about 30 - 40 minute runs, but the day I left it late in the day it was WAY too hot to run. We've had some gorgeous hardwood forest walks and we also get to look at our gorgeous Callie! She seems to be coming into her own this week - playing so happily on her own, sleeping well and just being...well....perfect.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

One Ski Trip

I got out on one ski trip this year to the cabin just north of here. We had a long slog of a hike into it in very heavy snow and then couldn't ski because of the avalanche hazard. It was still beautiful up in the high country and we could tour around a bit. It was a good little slide into the cabin entrance! I have to say that I'm ready for spring but it's good to know we have snow up high to fill up the rivers, creeks and lakes this summer.
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Thursday, 1 March 2012


This is the good thing about living in a place with snow - this picture was actually taken a couple of weeks ago when we went to "our" ski hill up Bjirkness Creek FS Road. This morning we've got another 10 cm to shovel. I have to say that I'm getting sick of it. Winter came to Rossland on November 3rd so this is almost like living on the prairies with the length of winter! However, this year the prairie seems to have managed to avoid the worst of winter. There's been some lovely skiing, I have to say, but it's March now and I am definitel ready for spring.
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