Wednesday, 28 December 2011

December Sunrises

This lovely sunrise occurred a couple of days before I left my rental home in Rossland - everyone can see why I loved this place! December has been a surprisingly bright month around here and in Rossland we had two weeks of clear skies and beautiful sunrises and sunsets. I'll miss it. I do plan to return to Rossland in January, living right in town, with an easy walk to "my boys". The Rosslanders are crying for snow - they got some last night, but the forecast is for warmer weather with rain beginning later today. Hope the ski resort manages to stay in the snow zone!
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Monday, 26 December 2011

The Kindness of Strangers

Just back from our "family day" in Grand Forks and it really did work perfectly. The weather remained moisture-free and we had good roads for travel. My sister and her son brought my parents to a home in Grand Forks and the ADAM family and Dave and I travelled to Grand Forks to meet them at the same home. Thank you to Terry and Liz for being the "strangers" who provided us with a home. My parents were able to meet their new grandsons so we had some 4 generation pictures, a nice walk on the outskirts of Grand Forks and a chance for a Christmas visit. Terry and Liz don't know us and it was a "chance" conversation at a bridge tournament in Genelle that brought this home into our use. They are "strangers" who have no fear about welcoming anyone and are open-hearted enough to simply offer the best part of themselves. We could all learn something from the Terry and Liz type people of the world.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Misty Mornings

One advantage of living up high in the snowbelt is that we do get some good sunrises. This is one I saw from my east-facing windows last week. It's interesting to see the mist and fog down in the valley - I see Redstone Creek Valley below me (where all the rich people live adjacent to the golf course) and it's often misty. Even when I go for bridge in Warfield at 11:30, I often drive into the mist - it begins to break up around noon. If one is going to live in Rossland, learning to love shoveling is essential and enjoying walking on icy roads is another plus. Love the skies up high, however!
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