Thursday, 21 February 2013

Carrying the Colours

 I've been given the honoured request to knit Christmas stockings for the grandchildren.  It's complicated!  Yesterday, my friend Effie loaned me some bobbins and taught me how to do this task correctly.  I can't say that I yet find it easier than my old tangled mess, but it does make the back side look neater.  Carrying 5 colours is a complicated business to me.  I'm going to learn some patience and there's only 15 more rows to go on the first stocking and I can get back into 'cruise' mode (thanks, Elizabeth).  I hope to have this mastered before too long.  A big thank you to Effie for her support in knitting with many colours.
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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Champion Lakes

 Thursday afternoon we had our second chance to ski at Champion Lakes, maintianed by the Beaver Valley Nordic Club.  There isn't an extensive range of trails, but it's lovely for an hour or hour and a half ski.  We got there on a very sunny day this time.  One trail,  which I have yet to try,  heads up to the Huff 'n Puff Cabin - I think this is one trail I'd prefer to try in spring as a hike so I can determine if it is truly skiable.    I'd recommend this ski spot to all if you're in the mood for a short ski.
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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Falling In Love Again

 I've spent enough time in Rossland this winter to realize how much I really do LOVE to x-country ski.  Yesterday, I tried out a new trail at Nancy Greene Park and had a lovely ski - snow conditions were perfect, bits of sunshine appeared, and there was no one out there!  The sign here shows the variety of trails in this park.  Last week we tried out Champion Lakes Provincial Park and it was a fine ski as well.  I get many benefits with the weekly trips to Rossland - the "boys", an extra night of duplicate bridge and a good ski.  Last Sunday and Monday, Dave and I had spent a night at the high country hut near Kaslo.  It was beautiful to be up there, but getting there is becoming a problem for me - the skis are heavy and my knee hasn't been happy since our journey there.  This year, x-country skiing is tops!
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