Monday, 10 December 2012

Disappointing Results

Just had a cooking failure.  I've generally liked the cookbook, The Best of the Best put out by the Best of Bridge women.  As a bridge player, I've often used their recipes.  I recognize that the recipes are rather old-fashioned and depend on store-bought cans and jars for completion, rather than cooking from "real" ingredients.  However, when it comes to baking and specialties it's pretty darn good.  Last year I tried out some new Christmas recipes and was very satisfied.  This year, I tried the Jewish Shortbread which I don't like as well as my old recipe for "sandies", although it's pretty good - very similar.  I prefer pecans to walnuts, I guess.  The ginger snap recipe was no better than any other one I've tried.  Today, however, I tried the Chocolate Rum Cookies and it was a total failure.  I used a lot of bitter chocolate and 1/4 cup of rum for expensive ingredients.  The stuff was crumbly and wouldn't hold together.  Chilling didn't help matters and neither did baking.  This is something we'll eat with a spoon.  I've saved all the crumbs and put them in the freezer to throw over ice cream!  I'm pleased that I used the Baker's chocolate I purchased in the US which is half the price we pay in Canada.  Maybe that's the reason for the failure.  Anyway, not getting too far with baking special things this year - generally it's been disappointing results.

First Ski

Yesterday I travelled up to Retallack to try some cross-country skiing.  The snow is in excellent condition!  The new bridge over the creek at the summit is a welcome addition.  Before, we used to have to travel out to the highway and walk over the highway bridge, often removing the skis for the 20 m trek to the other side and good snow once again.  Now we have a bridge put in by industrious trail workers.  Thank you to them.  It's a winter wonderland at the summit of the pass between Kaslo and New Denver.  Kaslo, today, is becoming part of that wonderland.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

December Garden

 This picture is for my friend Marilyn in Regina.  As I headed out this wet and soggy afternoon in early December, I noticed that one snapdragon had a new bloom; this is the last remanant of my remaining garden pot down by the driveway.  It is in a particularly protected area underneath a big cedar tree.  The other plant I have noticed is one of my sweet peas - it is still growing strong and has one bloom on it but probably doesn't get enough sunlight to think about opening itself to the world.  Other things I love about the December garden are the rosehips and snowberry - a beautiful combination to my mind.  Happy Winter as we move toward Solstice. 
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