Tuesday, 28 December 2010

The Best Gifts

To my mind, the very best gifts are those that are surprises! I received this tea cosy on Christmas night, but it had been made many weeks prior to "the season" and was acquired by a friend of mine who just thought I "had" to have it - it is "me", isn't it? This wonderful creation was made by Carol Koenig - what a marvelous talent she has for making crafty things. The friend who gave this to me is the same one who purchased the Polish clothespins so I'm very glad she was recognized the theme in my blog and in my life! Thank you, Effie and Carol - this tea cosy makes me smile every time I walk into the kitchen.

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Shopping Local

This year, I decided to "shop local" for everything. It took me about 45 minutes to do my shopping. I know that a couple of the vendors (the guy who owns the rare and second hand bookstore) appreciated my business. And the biggest surprise was that Dave actually liked what I bought him and has asked for more "supplies" of a similar nature. He received a chainsaw carrying case - pretty bad on the environment (using a chainsaw and the case is made from very hard plastic) - but will be good for protecting the chainsaw which we should carry every time we drive up a FS road - there's usually a tree down somewhere along the trail. The goodies in the stocking were as good as you'd get anywhere and I sure wish I could remember where I'd hidden a couple of the bags! I'll report later on what Andrea and Demitri think of "local" gifts. Happy Christmas, everyone!

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Walking In Woods On A Snowy Evening

Yesterday was the day that the Kaslo Trail Blazers "light up" the trail bridge across the Kaslo River. It gets dark early here so at about 4 - 4:30 p.m. we parade along the river trail with a lantern, happily made by a 2008 grade 3 student! At 5 p.m., the Christmas lights which have been strung along the roof of the bridge are put into operation - it is really quite lovely. This year, we'd had a good snowfall with relatively cool temperatures, to make our snow light and fluffy. It was a gorgeous walk through the forest, listening to the Kaslo River, observing the heavily-laden trees covered in snow, and watching flickering lantern lights along the trail. Happy Solstice, Readers!

Saturday, 18 December 2010

First AT

Yesterday I got out for my first day alpine touring - you can see we had a stunning blue sky day. We've waited a couple of weeks for one of these. The snow conditions were excellent, although we could use more of the white stuff. I'm still making my big stem christie turns, but I have managed to get down the slopes and feel more confident with all the lumps and bumps which we know are tree stumps and rocks underneath that snow! I got to do the "ski out" and I wasn't too far from the ski-doo when I saw big, loping animal tracks through the snow - they certainly weren't there on our way up. The tracks stopped abruptly under a tree. I looked up, fully expecting to see a cougar ready to pounce. I didn't! However, something did get killed at the base of that tree and I'm not sure where the predator went. I'm simply glad that I didn't become the prey. Thanks, Dave, for a beautiful day in the mountains.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Going Out to Play

Yesterday morning I heard a fair bit of grumbling from Dave about needing to get the driveway cleared by 9 a.m. - after all, nobody had to get to work. That's true. However, what is more important is that someone had to go out to play!! We had a big dump of very wet, heavy snow on Wednesday morning, but 5 brave women showed up for Wednesday Walkers and we had our skis. Most of us ended up skiing from just above town up to the airport because the roads weren't plowed and we didn't want to get stuck - skis are perfect for those road conditions. Things are melting today and I notice that Dave is leaving the house to go out to play (it's 8 a.m.) in the snow at Idaho Peak. Good thing the driveway is cleared and we got rain last night so lots of the snow is melting! We retired folk are up early and have the chores done - it's time to play once again.