Thursday, 19 March 2009

In With the New

We've been slowly accumulating some new dishes and now that my birthday is past I have a set of four dinner plates, bread and butter plates and bowls. I really like them. It's a particular joy to bring them out of the dishwasher, of course! We've been using the same dishes for the past 25 years and they are still in really good shape. I will continue to use them. However, it's spring and it's refreshingly wonderful to have something new and different to admire every day. Thanks, Scott, for the plates!

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

The High Alpine

We spent this past weekend going to the alpine cabin at Lost Ledge. Getting there requires a half-hour road trip to the ski-doo unloading area. The ski-doo trip takes about 45 minutes, and from there it's a 75 minute uphill and flat ski into the Hut. Dave and I skied in during fairly heavy snow - there'd been a least 8 cm of new snow the night before. I had my first chance to ski in really deep powder - knee deep and higher. It raises the confidence level because you can't ski fast in the deep, deep snow.
Today, I had a lovely x-country ski out with the Wednesday Walkers on the old Kaslo Wagon Road. The brilliant sunshine has lasted two full days (a first for this year!!) and we skied from Retallack to Bear Lake. Hopefully, this is our last blast of winter, but it's good to be out in the high alpine in its winter beauty.