Monday, 18 April 2011


Managed to "bag" Mt. Snowdon yesterday, along with literally hundreds of other people! We didn't get off to an alpine start - had a 90 minute drive to get through first, but got underway about 11 a.m. I couldn't believe the number of people with us! The Welsh are great walkers, I must say. We had good weather, but the distance views were not superb so didn't get to see the Isle of Man from the top of the peak. There were so many people on the peak at any given time, my summit shot will look mighty crowded. We chose the "tourist route" which was extremely busy, but any other routes we observed looked busy as well. It's not quite a highway, but that's pretty much how I'd have to describe that route. No snow, at least, but hordes of people! Now have a triumvirate - Ben Nevis, Snowdon and Snaefell in Isle of Man for "big" peaks in this area.

Saturday, 9 April 2011


Don't know if this is unusual but we've had 4 days of sun in Cornwall! Have seen 3 lovely gardens and today visited Doc Marten's place at Port Issac. Charming town and full of tourists. Loved the sea coast and it only improved as we came to Tintagel. King Arthur legends abound and loved walking the castle ruins on this cloudless day with a gentle wind. The Old Post Office in Tintagel shows a gentler side of life and the samplers made by young girls 200 plus years ago amazed me. How life has changed over the years.