Monday, 30 June 2008

It's Hiking Season!

I've actually been out on 3 really good hikes this week. Wednesday, the women of the Wednesday walkers hiked the Galena Trail from Sandon to New Denver. We had 14 hikers and two dogs. The picture I've included is the first two women crossing Carpenter Creek on the cable car.

Saturday p.m., Andrea, Dave, Carroll (Dave's brother) and I drove up to the one clearcut that we can see from our place. From there, we hiked through the trees and REALLY bad mosquitoes upto a ridge. I gave up before the ridge, but I did get a view of Fletcher Lake.

Sunday, the Sunday Strutters went up Whitewater Canyon - very, very nice. Pictured in today's blog is Whitewater Mountain. The trail was very good - 450m of elevation gain over 5.5 km and we had some snowfields to cross. The campground was completely snowed in and there won't be any scrambles up Mt. Whitewater any time soon. We did have an opportunity to see one large, male grizzly in the valley opposite to us - another group of 13 hikers!

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

School's Out for Summer!

I worked yesterday at the local school, certainly not expecting to have any work this week. However, it was the local "field day" and I got to spend the day outside and earn money. I have to say that I noticed the lack of wind, and not needing to pick dirt and sand out of my teeth following the day at the track. This particular meet was more of an old-fashioned play day - we had egg/spoon races and 3-legged races, along with regular runnning and jumping and throwing activities.
The school at the right is the high school in Nelson. I worked there in early June for a day and had the most spectacular view from the top floor classroom - looking out towards Pulpit Rock, the BOB (the Big Orange Bridge), over Kootenay Lake and the bend in the water, where the Kootenay River really commences. I don't think I'd be able to work too hard in a classroom like that - the view is too much of a distraction. I supervised two French exams and had a wonderful day at that school too. I think I managed 21 days of work this year which pretty much doubles the previous year.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Sunday Strutters

I know that I've written about Wednesday Walkers. I had heard about the "Sunday group" who would hike but had never really connected with anyone to discover who, where and when. This winter, I did find a good contact and today we did our first hike with the group. This was a hike up Davis Creek to Fishhook Lake, pictured to the right. The climb is very steep for about an hour and then pretty much levels out. We had a mix of sun and cloud, a few drops of rain, but the group moves well and it was a pleasant excursion - we learned about hundreds of hikes we've never heard of prior to today. I've called the group "Sunday Strutters" but I'm not too sure how that name will fly with this hiking group. I hope we can do more as the summer progresses.

First Bouquet, 2008

On June 4th I finally picked my first garden bouquet - here is a combination of Siberian iris, catmint (Walker's Low which I love and seems to be deer-proof), and lupines. I had gathered seed from the roadside to get the lupines and planted them last fall - now we have a few although I expect they will all be blue. It's been a very slow start to the garden and we have had several plants blooming, but it was a thrill to actually pick the first garden bouquet and soon the wildflowers should really start to show their stuff! Today, June 8th, the first daylily opened with two blooms, aptly names 'June'!