Monday, 29 July 2013

State of the Garden: End of July

 It was so good to see that my granddaughter Callie has the love of watering and being with plants.  We had some garden time in July and she really enjoyed using her watering can.  Me, too!  We hosted part of Kaslo's edible garden tour yesterday and Callie would have been a perfect companion to have in the garden and more of showstopper than the oakleaf hydrangea. 

The blueberries are almost completely picked as July comes to a close.  The raspberries and peas are pretty much finished as well.  Beans are getting picked daily, the zuccini are just starting to emerge and the carrots have been thinned with lots of good eating involved.  Yesterday, I was able to harvest some of the larger beets, we picked the garlic today (and it's twice the size of last year), and peaches (purchased at the Kaslo Market) were canned today.  The garden is keeping us very busy.  Wish we still had busy Callie here to help out with the watering!  The perennial border is stunning, thanks to all of your watering, Callie.
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Monday, 22 July 2013

Kaslo Community Garden

I didn't have my camera with me (I rarely do when I go to town to "garden"), but Kaslo's Community Garden is a wonderful work in progress.  It's been spearheaded by a few people who know something about gardens and are hard workers.  The people who have purchased a plot for the season are keeping their gardens looking good and there is a good portion of the garden given over to community food security.  The crops grown for these projects are garlic, squash, potatoes, beets, onions, and greens.  It's been a joy to work in the garden this summer, although it can be a bit noisy with all the motorbikes going through town.  However, what a lovely welcome to Kalso as visitors approach from New Denver.  The sunflowers have started to bloom and things are looking very summery in upper Kaslo.  I can only think of Margaret Mead's remark about what a group of committed individuals can do!

Friday, 5 July 2013


 Finally managed to finish off the Christmas stockings for the grandchildren.  I actually ended up making four of them.  The first one for Callie, with a bear inside a wreath,  really didn't come out all that well so I knit her a second one with the snowman.  I really like it.  I hope she will be as keen about it as she grows older.  My first attempt at "carrying colours" in about 30 years, left my knitting with a really uneven look.  That is why the first stocking didn't really go all that well.  With help from my friend Effie, things improved and I'm pretty happy to have made the stockings.  I'm counting on those little 'uns to be equally impressed!
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