Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Colchester: Britain's Oldest Recorded Town

This is the site of the Balkerne Gate, built by the Romans around 49 AD.  I believe that the original gate was razed by that sassy Bodacia, Queen of the Britons.  However, there is still a really old looking arch here, and the Romans built a lot of walls in the city of Colchester.  I did really feel, often, that I was in an "old" town.  Near this gate, is the old Victorian water tower, used by the city of Colchester until the 1980s.  
We really enjoyed walking in this town and it was a bit ironic that the old Colchester Castle was about to reopen on the day we were returning to Canada.  The public gardens at the Castle were "formal" but the tulips were lovely, and we wandered through old cemeteries and new playgrounds.  A good place to visit.

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